How to Write Manual Test Cases for API Testing?

In this video of 30 Days of API Testing Challenge,

I am going to discuss How to Write Manual Test Cases for API Testing? and common API Bugs.


πŸš€ Day 24 Task: API Bugs and Test cases for API Testing

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Test cases for API Testing

  • Validate the keys with the Min. and Max range of APIs (e.g maximum and minimum length)
  • Keys verification. If we have JSON, XML APIs we should verify it’s that all the keys are coming.
  • Have a test case to do XML, JSON Schema validation.
  • Verify the Parse the Response data
  • Verify the JSON Schema validation, Verify the Field Type,Verify the Mandatory Fields
  • Valid Response headers & Negative Testcases response
  • Verify that how the APIs error codes handled.
  • Verify the response HTTP status code.
  • Valid Response payload
  • Chaining Request verification.
  • Verification of APIs with Data parameters.
  • End to End CRUD flows
  • Database Integrity Test Cases
  • File Upload Testcases

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