Rest API Testing using Python - Software Testing & Automation

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Become an API Testing Expert,

Even as Complete Beginner.

REST API Testing with Python for Beginners

Learn How to Master API Testing with Python(Step by Step Tutorials).

Course Enrolments close on Sept 25th 2020


 Struggling to understand APIs and API Testing concepts?

Are you new to API and API testing?

You must have read these words somewhere like REST, Soap and RPC, HTTP methods like GET, POST, PUT, PATCH, DELETE but never used it?

You might want to learn how to perform End to End API testing using Python but was not able to create full API Automation by own.

Trust me, API testing is a must skill now-days for every QA and if you are learning it,  you are lagging behind.

I don't want this to happen to you.
That is why I have created the course of REST API testing with Python.

These are the exact strategies that we have used to test thousands of API request for enterprise level customer.

I want to you become an API Testing Expert by creating the API Automation Framework from Scratch.

You've come to the right place.

The good news is I am willing to share everything that
I have learnt over 8+ Years in API Testing domain.

  • My private resources that we use in our company
  • Lessons that I have learnt with years of practice
  • Internal secrets that I teach only to our in-house team.

REST API Testing using Python for Beginners

Learn, How to create API Automation From Scratch without any Prior Knowledge of API Testing.

These are the Exact Step by Step tutorials that I have used personally to automate the APIs and created a Framework around it that is used by Top 10% of companies.

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

You will get the access to all of it straight away.

At normal pace you can complete this course in 7 Days.

In the end you will have expertise in API Testing with Custom Automation Framework that you can use with CI/CD.

Become API Testing Expert.

Step by Step videos learning API Testing with Python.
We will learn basics of API Testing like What is an API, Rest vs SOAP and API Testing Basics. Advance concepts like JSON schema validation,PyTest,Allure Report and many more.

Custom API Automation FRAMEWORK

We will create custom made API Automation FRAMEWORK(that includes PyTest, Allure report with Code pattern) that you can use in your projects with few clicks. That also include instructions to add to  Jenkins Job, Docker File support.(CI/CD Supported)

5 Bonus for API Testing Mastery

You will get Bonus like API Testing Interview Questions Mastery course, API Testing Guide ebook, 30 days API Testing challenge, Automation Mastery mindset videos  and many more bonus along with course.

Community Support and QnA calls

You will be. apart of 1000+ members Facebook group where you can get help and see the progress of follow members, We will have QnA calls that are worth of every penny.

Included with Course(FREE) worth $27
Learn API Testing
  • 4 Hour API Testing using Postman Masterclass (₹10,000/- Value)($147)
  • API Testing E-Book ( 2020 Edition ) (₹1999/- Value) ($27)
  • Lifetime Access To Private Coaching FB Group (₹4999/- Value) ($47)
  • Custom API Testing Framework(src) JavaScript (₹4999/- Value)($47)
  • 1 Hour consultation for Free (₹2999/- Value)($47)
  • BONUSAPI Testing Interview Questions (₹799 Value)($17)
  • BONUSAPI Testing PDFs (₹1997 Value)($27)
  • BONUS: 30 Days API Testing Challenge(₹999/- Value)($47)
  • BONUS: JSON Schema Validation for Beginners course. (₹999/- Value)($17)
  • API Testings Checklist. (₹499/- Value)($7)
  • API Testing Manual Testing Template. (₹499/- Value)($7)
  • Here’s what people are saying about the course

    Aman Singh

    QA Engineer @ Scrolltest

    API Interview questions are game changer.

    There are more than 5+ bonus where API Testing Interview questions series is best one.

    Vivek Sharma

    SDET @ Wingify

    Finally I have Custom made API AutomationFramework

    Easy to understand videos, Pramod knows what he is doing, Always ready to help even offline(email) when required.


    Sr. SDET @ limetray

    Bonuses are insane.

    I have taken the previous course of API Testing using Postman also in the past, This is like Postman + Python, double double knowledge in single course.

    Here is What Course Looks like

    There are 7 modules with 5 Bonus courses.


    Module 1: WebServices & API Explained
    • Introduction to Web Service for Beginners.
    • What is REST for Beginners?
    • REST Vs SOAP Explained.
    • What is an API and Types of API and API Testing?


    Module 2: Understanding HTTP Request
    • HTTP Explained and HTTP Methods.
    • Web Authentication & Cookies, JSON Basics.
    • More HTTP Methods Practical.


    Module 3: API Testing Basics
    • What you should know before starting API Testing?
    • How Do You Perform API Testing?
    • What You Should Know Before Learning API Testing?
    • Books for API Testing.


    Module 4: Set up the Tools and Python Basics
    • Setting up the Environment for API Testing.
    • Install Jupyter Notebook and PyBasics.
    • API Testing of GET AND POST Methods(Basic auth).
    • Download Source Code


    Module 5: Implement Pytest and Allure Reports
    • Understanding Pytest.
    • Adding Allure report to Pytest API Automation.
    • PyTest Setup and Tear Down and HTML Report(Pytest default).
    • Download Source Code.


    Module 6: API Testing Automation(Custom) Framework
    • Manual Test Cases Before Start API Testing.
    • API Testing Manual Test cases Template.
    • Understanding Folder structure of API Automation.
    • Creating Custom Framework.
    • Download Source Code


    Module 7: Running Test on Jenkins and Docker container
    • Run API Automaton on Jenkins
    • Run Automation on Docker Image.
    • Advance CI/CD.


    There are 5 major Bonus included with the course, Which will help leverage the course.

    Bonus 1
    API Testing Interview Questions Course.

    4 Part Series on How to Create a API Testing Interview? worth $19

    Bonus 2
    Automation Masterclass

    How to become Manual to Automation Tester, Mindset videos and step by step method. worth $19

    Bonus 3
    API Testing using Postman.

    Full 2.5 Hour of course on How to Work with API Testing using Postman, with CI/CD worth $27

    About The Course Teacher,
    Pramod Dutta

    Leading Automation Expert, Automation/APIs Master....

    • Keynote Speaker at PyData 2018.
    • Over 4500+ Students taught over 2 years.
      Lead Software Engineer in Test(Over 7 years Experience )
    • 1200+ Active Test Automation Facebook Community Since 2015
    Pramod Dutta
    Pramod author of

    Here’s what people are saying about the course instructor

    Full course

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    We want you to be satisfied with your purchase but we also want you to give your best effort to apply all of the strategies in the course and bonuses.

    All the content including bonuses are appreciated by thousands of our readers including 1200+ members of Facebook.

    The nature of the product is digital and it would not be possible to get the product back anyhow after your purchase. So we don’t offer any refunds for this digital product “Rest API Testing using Python”. But if you need any help, please feel free to contact here.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How Long is the Course?

    You can complete the course according to your pace, Typically
    It can take 7 day to do it properly.

    I know nothing about APIs, will this help?

    Absolutely! That’s why I have created this step-by-step course with Python basics included so that anyone can easily learn the right and the fastest way to master API Testing with Python.

    Is this course for Lifetime?


    I don't know Python, will this help?

    Absolutely! That’s why I have created this step-by-step course with Python basics

    I have paid, where is my course?

    Just wait after purchase, We will verify your payment and enrolled you automatically, don’t worry.

    Email :

    I want to Talk to Pramod

    Full course

    One sentence summary of what they get

    ₹499/-(Save 1500)

    • Lifetime Access
    • Immediate Start
    • Access to All Modules

    My Personal note to you.

    Test Automation is an Art. 

    To master it, you need to follow some planned steps.

    First of all, You need to change your mindsetlayout strong foundations of programming & technical skills.

    Don't forget to be patient. 

    Let me show you how...

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