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Learn from other mistake and you will never fail in life……….

Blogger, Sr. SDET, Youtuber and Learner at the same time.

The goal of the Blog is to provide you with the latest trends in Software developer and Testing community with the one-stop platform. the blog is the product of my 5 years and till continue journey towards software testing, what all hurdles and lesson learned are the outcomes as the post in the blog.

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  1. how does Zalenium know when to auto scale and how much does it auto scale ? also, do you have tests run in FF containers and some tests run in Chrome containers? how do you direct your tests to run them Chrome vs FF ? I have a this maven command that I run in Jenkins (Where my Zalenium hub is ) mvn clean test -DEnv=stg -Dgrid.enabled=true -Dbrowser.platform=LINUX -DBrowser=chrome -Dbrowser.version=72 -Dexecution.env=local -Dtest.suite=parallel_Suite.xml
    any better way of doing this?

  2. also, would you recommend this command to start the zalenium hub because I want 20 tests to run in parallel across 20 containers.
    docker run –rm -ti –name UI-Tests -p 4444:4444 -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock -e –privileged dosel/zalenium start –maxDockerSeleniumContainers 20 –desiredContainers 20 –maxTestSessions 1 –videoRecordingEnabled false

  3. sorry, I have one last question – why am I seeing these errors while running my tests — org.openqa.selenium.WebDriverException: Session [288b7b56cfb06b4a7b98214732a0e07a] was terminated due to FORWARDING_TO_NODE_FAILED

  4. Hi pramod

    I m working on integration testing..I am using mulesoft api between different you have any test plan or test case templates?


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