Selenium Vs Cypress: Which One You Should Choose?

Selenium vs Cypress, Which One Should You Choose? This is very common question i have been asked lots of time. Lets find out.

Cypress and Selenium are both automation frameworks for web app testing but cypress is new player where as the Selenium is very well knwown automation framework since 2005 ish.

About Cypress

  • Cypress is a JavaScript test automation solution for Testing web applications on Chrome.
  • Mostly works with different syntax(similar to jasmine 2 and mocha JS).
  • Can be used by frontend developers and test automation engineers to write testcases in JavaScript.
  • Cypress also supports the Mocha test framework so the core technologies in which you would develop your web test automation are Java Script on top of Mocha.

Support for

Dev Language 


Test Framework

Maturity/ Documentation 


Java, Javascript, Python, Ruby, Objective C...

Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE, Edge

Mocha JS, protractor, Webdriver JS, webIO, TestNG and many more




Mocha JS

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