Deploying a Selenium grid on Docker Swarm

Objective: To be able to run more than 10 browsers and using multiple machines(Server1,2).

Docker Swarm requires few ports to be open for it to work. These are : – 

-TCP port 2377. This port is used for communication between the nodes of a Docker Swarm or cluster. It only needs to be opened on manager nodes.
-TCP and UDP port 7946 for communication among nodes (container network discovery).
-UDP port 4789 for overlay network traffic (container ingress networking).

Install Docker
First install docker on all 2 Server 1,2

Then add the ubuntu user to the docker group, so we don’t need to use sudo everytime we use the docker command

On Server 1

Now docker swarm is ready and nodes can connect to it, ssh into the Server 2 grid machine and run the following command
On Server 2

Run the following command to deploy docker swarm — : – 

To view the status of the docker swarm : –

To shut down docker swarm

To debug a specific container

To leave docker swarm, type the following command both on manager node and worker node

Slides –
Instructions –
Grid Yaml –


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