5 Real-Time Python Projects for Manual Testers

Embarking on a journey to learn Python and automation testing can be daunting yet rewarding. In this blog, we’ll delve into five real-time Python projects tailored for manual testers looking to enhance their skills and boost their resumes. These projects not only offer hands-on experience but also pave the way for transitioning into automation testing seamlessly.

  1. OpenCart E-commerce Website: The OpenCart website serves as an ideal playground for honing your automation testing skills. With features like login, registration, cart management, and order processing, you’ll get ample opportunities to practice Selenium automation with Python. This project offers a holistic view of end-to-end testing scenarios, making it a valuable addition to your resume.
  2. HR Module Automation: Managing employee data efficiently is crucial for any organization. With the HR module automation project, you’ll learn how to add, search, edit, and delete employee records using Selenium and Python. This project delves into dynamic web tables, form interactions, and various UI actions, offering practical insights into web automation.
  3. VWO Website Automation: The VWO (Visual Website Optimizer) website presents a challenging yet rewarding automation project. From logging in to navigating complex dashboards and editor flows, you’ll encounter advanced concepts like action classes, window handling, frames, and shadow DOM. While not open source, mastering this project will significantly enhance your automation testing skills.
  4. Web Automation Challenges: Dive deeper into automation testing with a series of web automation challenges. From simple login page automation to complex tasks like web table manipulation and context switching, these challenges cover a wide range of scenarios. Practice parallel execution, model interactions, and advanced UI validations to refine your automation skills further.
  5. Advanced UI Interaction Project: Explore the intricacies of UI testing with an advanced project focusing on action classes, windows, iframes, and more. This project simulates real-world scenarios, including hover element verification and click map analysis. While challenging, mastering this project will elevate your automation proficiency and set you apart as a skilled tester.

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