How to Learn Automation Testing in 2024?


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In this video, we provide a comprehensive guide on how to become an automation tester in 2023. Whether you are just starting or looking to transition into a QA automation engineer career, this video is tailored to provide you with the roadmap and skills you need to excel as a test automation engineer.

We start by discussing the importance of automation testing in the software development lifecycle and then move on to the automation engineer roadmap from scratch. This roadmap is designed to take you through the essential steps and skills required to become an automation tester.

If you’re wondering, “How to become an automation engineer?” or “What are the test automation engineer skills I need?”, we have you covered. We provide insights into the essential skills, tools, and knowledge required to excel in automation testing.

We also discuss the test automation job profile, providing insights into what you can expect in terms of roles, responsibilities, and career growth as a test automation engineer.

For those who are planning ahead, we also provide a glimpse into the automation testing roadmap for 2023, highlighting the trends and skills that will be in demand in the near future.

By the end of this video, you will have a clear understanding of how to become a test automation engineer and the roadmap for automation testing. You will also gain insights into the skills and knowledge required to excel in this rewarding career.

So, if you’re looking to kickstart or advance your career in automation testing, this video is a must-watch. Join us at The Testing Academy as we guide you on your journey to becoming a skilled test automation engineer.

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Roadmap To Become an Automation Tester: In this video, we are going to learn about the ROADMAP to become an Automation Tester. We will discuss 4-5 Month action plan to switch from manual to automation Testing.

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