5 Ways to Decide the Right job with Multiple JOB Offers

Company to Decide When You Get Multiple JOB Offers: In this video we are going to learn what should i do with multiple job offers. I am going to discuss about the different parameters which can help you to to decide the company offer which is best for you.

Factors that we can consider are as below:
1. Notice Period of the company you are joining.
2. What will be your roles and responsibilities in the new company.
3. Also other technical things like:
i. What kind of application they are using in that project? Is it legacy system like mainframe or web or mobile?
ii. Tools and Technology used stack in that project
iii. How much automation testing they are actually doing? Is the framework already built and we need to just maintain the existing framework?
iv. Do they arrange any trainings sessions for employee upskilling especially for enhancing technical skills. Do they provide any support to learn and experiment with new technologies?

These points, I have consolidated for best job offers which can grow and help you to achieve success.

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