Types of Automation Framework that You Should Know as QA

In this video, we are going to cover the types of automation framework in selenium. We are discussing, Types of Automated Testing Frameworks

✅Modular Based Testing Framework.
✅Data-Driven Framework.
✅Keyword-Driven Framework.
✅Hybrid Testing Framework.

✅ What is Data Driven Testing?

Data Driven Testing is a software testing method in which test data is stored in table or spreadsheet format. Data driven testing allows testers to input a single test script that can execute tests for all test data from a table and expect the test output in the same table

✅What is Keyword Driven Framework?

Keyword Driven Framework is a functional automation testing framework that divides test cases into four different parts in order to separate coding from test cases and test steps for better automation.

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API stands for Application Programming Interface.
API is a defined set of rules, which contains clearly defined methods of communication. API helps different software components to interact with each other.

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