Exploratory Testing : How to do it with Practical Example


EXPLORATORY TESTING is a type of software testing where Test cases are not created in advance but testers check system on the fly.

🔥 Download notes – https://sdet.live/notes

🔥 Tools Used – TestBuddy.co

✅ When to do exploratory testing?
– When you have no or less requirements
– You want to explore the Web App or mobile App

✅ How to do Exploratory Testing?
Prepare the notes
Time box
Learn, observe and then come up with new test cases
✅ What are the advantages of doing exploratory testing?
Less preparation is needed
Important bugs are found quickly
The approach tends to be more intellectually stimulating than execution of scripted tests
Deductive reasoning based on the results of previous results
Most bugs are discovered by some sort of exploratory testing

✅ What are the disadvantages of doing exploratory testing?
Disadvantages are that tests invented and performed on the fly can’t be reviewed in advance.

✅ When use exploratory testing?
– Exploratory testing can be used extensively when
– The testing team has experienced testers
– Early iteration is required
– There is a critical application
– New testers entered into the team

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