How To Earn Back the Lost QA Respect

In this video, We are going to discuss How To Earn Back the Lost QA Respect?

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✅ 4 PRINCIPLES to Earn back the QA Respect.
🔥 Informative
Become a subject matter expert and share your knowledge
You should have the context of what is going live, what is pending, When it is going live. everything
Become a active listener.
QA respect is gained by proving QA testing is a worthwhile cost to the company.

Take responsibility and Ownership
Even if you are against the timelines due to P0,P1 stick to it
Its Ok to disagree

🔥 Adding value
Ask the right questions.
No such thing as a stupid question

🔥 Stretch your abilities
Help them to reduce the test case and regression suite with maximum coverage
Always learning attitude
Work, Environment
To the point report and information share
KT and clear expectations

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