How to Become SDET / Automation Tester In 2021?

In this video, We are going to cover How to become the SDET or Automation Tester with the Exact SDET Blueprint.

That I am going to share step by step blueprint.

✅ Download SDET BluePrint –

✅ We are covering
1. Why you need to become Automation Tester or SDET?
2. SDET Blueprint that you need.
3. What are technologies and step by step path to flow.
1) What are the Pre-requisites to become SDET/Automation Tester?
2) Where to Start and What to Learn?
3) How to Become an Expert in Automation(step by step)?
4) SDET/ Automation Learning Paths / BluePrint
5) Road map of Automation Tester( exact blueprint)
6) What is the Future of Automation Tester? (Step by Step)
7) Learning Tips for SDETs

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