How to Run Postman Command Line – Newman Postman

In this series of API Testing using Postman, You are going to learn How to Use the Newman Postman Command with All commands.

How to run postman requests/tests from command line 

  1. 1
    Go to the Nodejs website and install Node JS -
  2. 2
    Install newman(using npm)
  3. 3
    Export your collection and run from Commandline

Newman is a command line collection runner for Postman.

Step 1 : check if node.js is already installed

Type in cmd:

 node -v

 npm -v

Step 2 : Install node.js

Check if node and npm are installed

Step 3 : Install Newman

 npm install -g newman

Step 4 : Export collection as json file.

Step 5 : On cmd goto location of collection json file

Step 6 : Run command

 newman run yourCollection.json

With Environment and Global Variables. (use -e, -g)

 newman run yourCollection.json -e enviroment.json -g global.json

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