ChroPath Tutorial : Efficient Automation Testing With FREE Tool | How to Use it & New Features

In this article of ChroPath Tutorial,We are discussing the Automation Tool Chropath That can save you time while creating Automation Scripts and help you find better locators(XPath and CSS).

✅ Feature of Chropath :
✅ Single Click Locators Generation
✅ Verify and Modify Locators
✅ iframe Support & SVG element support
✅ Multiple XPath and Automation command
✅ Dynamic attribute Support
✅ Save config in local
✅ChroPath Studio
✅Smart Maintenance: Verify all XPath in the single-shot!!

Download Chropath:

🚀 ChroPath Tutorail :  LIVE Demo End

🔴 We have discussed, How to find the XPath and CSS Locators using Chropath within few seconds. Sanjay has discussed How You can use the Chropath to create manual test scripts and can create automation scripts page objects within minutes.

❤️ Thanks for the support guys

🚀 What is ChroPath?

ChroPath is a development tool to edit, inspect, and generate XPath and CSS selectors. ChroPath makes it easy to write, edit, extract and evaluate XPath and CSS queries on any webpage and saves at least 40–50% manual effort in automation script writing. ChroPath is the highest rated (4.6+) xpath tool.

🚀 How do you get ChroPath?

Search for ChroPath in the Find add-ons search area and Add to Firefox. Now, load the web page you want to check for, Right click and select 'Inspect Element' to launch the developer tools. The ChroPath tab will be available in your dev tools panel on the extreme right side as shown below.

🚀What is ChroPath in Chrome?

ChroPath is one of the best chrome extension which gives the unique xpath (absolute/relative) and CSS value. XPath extension is available for Chrome, FIrefox, Safari and Edge browsers. ChroPath also used as best CSS locator chrome extension.

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  1. Important update: This is Sanjay Kumar, Creator of ChroPath.
    I have stopped development and support on ChroPath. You will not get any update on ChroPath from me.
    Please upgrade to my new XPath tool SelectorsHub which is very much advanced than ChroPath.
    SelectorsHub is absolutely FREE community tool. It is a browser plugin available for all the browsers Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Opera. SelectorsHub download link👇

    Please share this info in your network, it will help many


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