Cross Browser Testing :Ultimate Guide in 2019

In this post, you’re going to learn how to perform cross browser testing for your web application.

In fact:
These are exact strategies that I have followed since last 4-5 year to test the web application across different companies that I have worked in as Software Tester.

And today I’m going to show you how I did it…

…and how you can do the same thing with this “Ultimate Guide to Cross Browser Testing“.

What is Cross-browser Testing?

Cross browser testing as the name suggests verifying the Functionality of the website on the different common browsers that are widely used right now in the market.

Just tell me, what are things that you make sure in mind while releasing a web app?

The simple one-line answer to this question is…
It should work for most of the browser or devices.

and for few of them, it is…

All the layout of the menu bar and other UI/UX functionality that you provide in your web-app should work as per requirement in the Business requirement document(BRD).

Well… not really.

In fact:

Most of the times the Software Tester or aka Quality Assurance(QA) just verify the functionality of the Web app for the few browsers and they are ready for the release.

In this blog, I am going to clarify why you should focus more on the Cross browser testing and why it should be in your “Release Checklist” of the Web application.

That said:

This article is going to be an awesome addition to your knowledge as QA.

What is Web Testing Coverage?

In the Web Testing Coverage basically means that what all browsers and device, Screen resolution and OS versions we should keep in the mind while performing the CBT. We call them “Essential X” Where X is Browser, OS, Device, Resolution.

How can one be sure, If he has covered most of the Cross-browser Testing?


You should first target to test your web application first on the Essential browsers.

This question’s answer is in the below statics as per the report by Practice test.

As per the year Nov 2018 Stats…..

Browser percentage 2018

So what did we learn?

Chrome, IE, and Firefox are in list Essential Browsers to Test first to get better web test coverage.


operating system percentage 2018

Window 7, Window 10, Window XP, Linux & Mac OSX 10.12 should be in your list of Essential OS version to better web test coverage.

Now let’s look into the Resolution you should target for the “Essential Resolution” to Test in the Desktop mode(P.S mobile or tablet resolution are not included).

Source –

Ohh.. look at the below Graph, Chrome, Safari and UC browser are top in the mobile browser…

Hmm “Noted in Essential Browser mobile“.

And we should keep in mind  Android version which we are Targerting for Cross-browser Testing.


Now we have list of Essential X…

The question is:

Why should I perform Cross Browser Testing?

There are below three main reasons, I can highlight…

  • TO verify that the what is wrong with your web application’s layout on the “Essential Browser or OS list“.
  • To provide the excellent User experience without any Browser or Device preferences. It can have a great impact. I have seen very good companies with poorly handled UI/UX on Essential Browser or OS list.
  • To know about the issues on CBT before your immature client reports to you. For example One of the customer can ask to customer support that…I have bought your $699 web app and your app is not working for my IE 8 version and we are doomed.At this point. we know what all Essential Browser, OS and resolution to target and why we should we do it but…Big Question……??

Who should perform Cross Browser Testing?

It depends…

If you are working in Scrum everyone should perform Cross-browser Testing but I strongly believe this is complete responsibility of the QA or Software Tester.

As there are a number of combination of the cross product of the Browser, Resolution and OS version and They have pretty good experience to reducing those number by using the Pairwise Testing.

Check out here I have beautifully explained the Pairwise Testing Technique

Now we have a Testcases with the steps to executed as Cross Browser Test.

And the last……

How is Cross Browser Testing Performed?


so you made it to How to do it part… Congrats.

Let us understand…

Cross-browser Testing can be done Manually or with Tool(Automation).

Manually it is very simple. You can take the multiple machines with different Browsers installed and different OS version. That will be more time consuming and very slow process.

But here am I to help you out…

We can leverage the already present Tools like:—

In Conclusion,

Over To You…

Now I’d like to hear from you,  What do you think about the article and in-depth knowledge to find the “Essential Browser, Devices and OS version” for your Cross-browser Testing.

Or maybe you have a question. right ??

Either way, let me know by leaving a comment below right now.

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