Testing Techniques -Pairwise Testing using Pairwiser Tool

Today I am going to discuss Testing Techniques- Pairwise Testing.  “Generate less number of combination with more test coverage.

What is Pairwise Technique?

  • A black-box test design technique in which test cases are designed to execute all possible discrete combinations of each pair of input parameters
  • Pairwise testing technique can dramatically reduce the number of combinations to be covered but remains very effective in terms of fault detection

Now let’s learn how to apply Pairwise Testing by this example.

Let’s take an example –
Suppose, we have a web app with one page that we have to do the Cross browser testing (CBT) e.g for IE, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari and Cross OS testing with Windows, Mac, Ubuntu. We have another parameter like HTTP 1, HTTP 2 and resolution HD, NonHD(low resolution).

So Normal combination  – 5*3*2*2 = 60
To perform 60 Test cases we will need about  180 minutes(assuming 3 minutes per Test Case).

Let’s take this example in the Pairwise Testing.

We will use the Pairwiser-tool for combination to generate.

Need for Pairwiser tool

  1. Web-based easy to use.
  2. Generate the combination and export to excel.
  3. Generate the Test case and export to JIRA directly.
  4. You can apply the constraint to the input parameter.

Input in the Pairwiser Tool

  • Input 1 – CBT  : IE, Chrome , Firefox , Safari , Opera
  • Input 2 – Cross OS: Windows, Mac OSX, Ubuntu
  • Input 3 – Protocol : HTTP1 , HTTP2
  • Input 4 – Resolution:  HD, NonHD

Create a New Test Plan in – https://inductive.no/pairwiser-tool/

Create Test PLAN

Added input Parameters and Constraints

More IE – Constraints

Navigate to Generate Test Case – Only 15 Test Cases  \m/ 🙂

Time in Test Cases Now

Test Cases  = 15
Time per Test  = 3 minutes

Total  Time  = 45 Minutes only before it was 3 hour

Lets Analysis the coverage, the Results

Test Cases Generation – Template

Test Cases – Copy to JIRA or Excel

That’s All Folks

In the Form of Slides


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