Integration of Protractor Beautiful Test Reports

Test Reporting in the Software testing is an essential part.  Finding a good reporting is an always very tedious task. In this tutorial, We will learn how we can integrate the ‘Protractor Beautiful Reporter’ –

Why we choose this.
Normal Jasmine reporter is very simple and not much screenshot friendly. This plugin has following features which makes it more suitable for Reporting for Protractor / Angular based Projects.

  • Get attached Screenshots
  • Selenium & Browser’s Logs (only for Chrome)
  • Full Stack Trace (with suspected line highlight)
  • Screenshot only on failed spec.
  • Test Search
  • Filters (can display only Passed/Failed/Pending/Has Browser Logs)
  • Inline Screenshots
  • Details (Browser/Session ID/OS)
  • Duration time for test cases (only Jasmine2)

Note  – If you are using the jasmine 2(Jasmine 1.x: No longer supported), It can be integrated very easily with two steps.

Installation  – 

In your protractor config file  e.g protractor-config.js

Please note that the screenshots are generated are in  /tmp/screenshot directory.

If you want to have screenshot in sub folder  –

Screenshots Subfolder (optional)

You can store all images in a subfolder by using screenshotsSubfolder option:

Reports –  


Normal Test Results of Passwd Testcases – 

Support of logs  : – 

Failed logs and screenshot results

Read more at –

We have used it for a while. It far better than “Jasmine2HtmlReporter“. which lags in UI and some features.

Note: Make sure you delete the previous build folder of Junit else. It will combine your builds in one report.

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