Top 5 Courses on Udemy for QA, Automation, Java, ICT, and Manual Testing

Welcome to The Testing Academy! In this blog, we’ll discuss the top five Udemy courses for QA, automation, Java, ICT, and manual testing. These courses are excellent alternatives to costly live classes. They offer flexibility and affordability, making them perfect for disciplined learners. We’ll cover manual testing, API testing, web automation, performance testing, and security testing. Let’s dive in!

1. Manual Testing: The Complete 2024 Guide

Course: The Complete 2024 Manual Testing Guide
Instructor: Tariq
Rating: 4.6
Students: 135,000+
Cost: ₹3,119 (can be as low as ₹299-₹399 during sales)

This comprehensive course by Tariq covers all aspects of manual testing. It is frequently updated to reflect the latest trends and practices in the field. You can find the course on Udemy and take advantage of their subscription model for unlimited course access.

2. Automation Testing with Selenium and Java

Course: Automation Testing with Selenium and Java
Instructor: Pavan Lalwani
Rating: 4.7
Students: 28,000+

Pavan Lalwani’s course on automation testing with Selenium and Java is a popular choice. The same content is available for free on his YouTube channel, “SDET Techie.” While the YouTube version may not be as updated, it is a great resource for budget-conscious learners.

3. ISTQB Certification Preparation

Course: Certified Tester Foundation Level (CTFL)
Instructor: Tariq
Rating: 4.5
Students: 100,000+
Cost: ₹399-₹499

ISTQB certification is valuable for getting your resume noticed. While it doesn’t offer much practical knowledge, it is beneficial for job applications. Tariq offers a well-regarded course on Udemy to help you prepare for the certification exam.

4. API Testing with Postman and Rest Assured

Course: API Testing with Postman and Rest Assured
Instructor: Valentin Despa and Rahul Shetty
Rating: 4.6
Students: 40,000+

For API testing, Valentin Despa’s Postman course and Rahul Shetty’s Rest Assured course are excellent. Valentin Despa provides comprehensive coverage of Postman, while Rahul Shetty focuses on Rest Assured with Java. You can also find free tutorials on The Testing Academy’s YouTube channel.

5. Web Automation with Selenium and Cucumber BDD

Course: Selenium WebDriver with Cucumber BDD
Instructor: Gianni Bruno
Rating: 4.7
Students: 20,000+

Gianni Bruno’s course on Selenium WebDriver with Cucumber BDD is highly recommended for web automation. It covers Selenium 4 and includes practical projects to enhance your learning. If you prefer live interactive sessions, The Testing Academy offers job-ready batches that cover similar content with real-world projects.

Bonus: Performance and Security Testing

Performance Testing:

Course: JMeter from Scratch
Instructor: Rahul Shetty
Rating: 4.6
Students: 82,000+

Rahul Shetty’s JMeter course is perfect for learning performance testing from scratch. It is comprehensive and highly rated.

Security Testing:

Course: Learn Ethical Hacking
Instructor: Zaid Sabih
Rating: 4.6
Students: 500,000+

Zaid Sabih’s course on ethical hacking is an excellent choice for learning security testing. It covers a wide range of topics and is highly popular.

Free Courses to Enhance Your Skills

Jira, Agile, and Scrum Fundamentals:

Course: Jira, Agile, and Scrum Fundamentals
Platform: The Testing Academy
Cost: Free


Course: Git Mastery
Platform: The Testing Academy
Cost: Free

AWS for Automation Testers:

Course: AWS from Zero to Hero
Instructor: Backspace Academy
Platform: Udemy
Cost: Free

Java Programming:

Course: Java 17 Masterclass
Instructor: Tim Buchalka
Rating: 4.6
Students: 200,000+
Duration: 133 hours

Tim Buchalka’s Java 17 Masterclass is an extensive course covering core Java concepts. While it is lengthy, it is a valuable resource for mastering Java programming.


These Udemy courses provide excellent learning opportunities for aspiring software testers. Whether you are interested in manual testing, automation, API testing, performance testing, or security testing, you will find a course that suits your needs. Additionally, free courses on The Testing Academy and Udemy can help you expand your skill set without breaking the bank.

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 Happy learning!

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