The Ultimate Roadmap to Becoming an Automation Tester in 2024

                     After teaching over 2000 students last year and successfully placing them in top companies like Accenture, GeekSky, and BrowseTech, and receiving over 450 testimonials, I still get asked the same question: “Pramod, what is the only way to become an automation tester?” Despite watching countless YouTube videos and enrolling in numerous Udemy courses, many still struggle to break into automation due to a fear of coding and a lack of clear guidance.

The Importance of Automation Testing

As a manual tester, transitioning to automation is crucial. Automation is increasingly in demand, and manual testing jobs are rapidly diminishing. Freshers aiming to enter software testing must also learn automation to thrive in the software world. But how exactly do you make this transition? The answer lies in understanding why, what, how, and where to learn.

The Secret to Becoming an Automation Tester

The key to success is having a clear understanding of why you want to become an automation tester, what you need to learn, how to learn it, and where to find the best resources. Once you have this clarity, everything else falls into place. Here’s the roadmap we’ve developed based on the experiences of over 2000 successful students.

Four-Month Plan to Automation Mastery

1. Start with Manual Testing (7-10 Days)

Begin with the basics of manual testing. Spend 7 to 10 days learning the fundamentals. This foundation will help you understand the intricacies of software testing.

2. Learn Java (30-45 Days)

Dedicate the next 30 to 45 days to learning Java. Aim for one hour per day or seven hours per week. Focus on major syntax, core Java concepts, collections framework, OOP principles, threading, and design patterns.

3. Track Your Progress

Use a tracker to monitor your learning progress. For instance, if you’ve learned about variables, mark it in your tracker and upload your work to a GitHub profile. This not only tracks your progress but also builds a portfolio of your work.

Essential Tools and Frameworks

In addition to Java, you’ll need to learn the following tools and frameworks:

  • Postman: For API testing.
  • Maven: For project management.
  • TestNG: For test configuration.
  • Rest Assured: For API automation.
  • Selenium: For web automation.
  • Mobile Testing: If required, cover mobile testing tools and techniques.

The Comprehensive Roadmap

To become an automation tester, follow this detailed roadmap:

Core Topics to Cover:

  • Manual Testing: Basics and foundational knowledge.
  • Core Java: Syntax, OOP, collections, threading, and design patterns.
  • Postman & Rest Assured: API testing tools and frameworks.
  • Selenium: Web automation tool.
  • Mobile Testing: Tools and techniques for mobile application testing.

Hands-On Practice:

  • 300+ Lab Exercises: Practice extensively with lab exercises to reinforce learning.
  • 250+ Coding Questions: Solve coding questions to build confidence and proficiency.
  • 2+ Live Projects: Gain real-world experience with live projects in manual testing, API testing, and Selenium.
  • Automation Challenges: Tackle 10-12 automation challenges to test your skills.

Join the Live Program

To help you achieve your goals, I’m launching a four-month live program called Job Ready Automation Tester. This program includes:

  • Live Classes: 6 hours of live classes every weekend (Saturday and Sunday, 10 am to 1 pm).
  • Doubt Sessions: 1.5 hours of doubt clearing sessions every Friday.
  • Extensive Content: Over 120 hours of content covering core Java, API testing, web automation, CI/CD, and more.
  • Projects: Two live projects and multiple Selenium projects.
  • Job Assistance: Lifetime access to recordings and job assistance through the

                     This roadmap has already helped over 2000 students secure jobs in top companies, and it can work for you too. If you’re serious about becoming an automation tester, join our next batch starting on June 30th. Click on the link, Join our new batch at Use Code “PROMODE” for 10% OFF!” We’re starting a new batch soon. the to enroll and start your journey toward becoming an automation tester in just four months. See you in the live classes!

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