How To Become High Paying Automation Engineer Using Python

Are you looking to become a Python automation engineer or tester, but don’t know where to start? Look no further than our latest video from The Testing Academy, “How To Become Python Automation Engineer | Python Automation Tester Roadmap.” 

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In this video, we provide a detailed roadmap for beginners on how to become a job-ready automation tester with Python. We cover everything from Python basics and tutorials for beginners to professional certificate programs that will set you apart from the competition.

Learn Python (30 Days)

  • Install PyCharm IDE
  • Introduction to Python Programming
  • Working with Data Types
  • Variables and Operators in Python
  • Conditions and Loops
  • Functions and String and List
  • Tuples in Python
  • Dictionaries in Python
  • Loops in Python
  • Functions in Python
  • Classes and Objects
  • Inheritance, Polymorphism, Abstractions
  • Constructor
  • Reading a file in python
  • Writing to a file in python
  • Exception Handling
  • Array and Stack
  • Singly Linked Lists

API Testing (Automation) + Pytest

  • Client-Server Architecture Presentation
  • HTTP Basics, HTTP Methods
  • What is an API?
  • What is API Testing?
  • Difference between API testing and Unit testing
  • What is Web services?
  • HTTP Structure, Type of Defects in API Testing
  • Learn What is xml and JSON?
  • URI and URLTools for API Testing
  • Introduction to REST Web services
  • SOAP Introduction
  • Why learning REST is Important?
  • Difference between SOAP and REST Web services
  • REST constraints, Introduction to POSTMAN tool and installation
  • Creating requests in Postman
  • Creating collections in Postman
  • Understanding variables and environments in Postman
  • Authorization in POSTMAN
  • Assertions/Test scripts in POSTMAN
  • Command line integration with Newman
  • Running POSTMAN Collection on Docker, Jenkins
  • What is JSON Schema Validation?
  • How to perform JSON Schema validation?
  • Data Driven Testing with CSV with POSTMAN
  • Exploring POSTMAN More features Mocking, Stabbing Testing
  • GraphQL with POSTMAN
  • Testing Websockets with POSTMAN
  • Writing API Test cases & Test Plan
  • Running Testcases with POSTMAN
  • Writing API Test cases & Test Plan
  • Running Testcases with POSTMAN
  • Advance JSON Schema
  • LIVE API Testing Example
  • Introduction
  • Python Request Module
  • The GET Request
  • The POST Request
  • Status Code
  • JSON Response
  • Request Header
  • The Message Body
  • Install pytest
  • Create your first test
  • Run multiple tests
  • Assert that a certain exception is raised
  • Group multiple tests in a class

Selenium (Jenkins)CI/CD

  • What is Selenium
  • Why Selenium? / Advantages
  • What are its versions?
  • What all OS, Browsers, and Programming Languages does it Support?
  • Java-Selenium Architecture
  • Selenium vs Playwright vs Cypress
  • WebDriver Architecture, Selenium IDE, Selenium Grid 3, 4
  • Basic Selenium Program to Open and close Browser
  • Runtime Polymorphism Program in Selenium WebDriver abstract methods
  • Locators XPath, its Types and cases
  • Handling Multiple Elements
  • Handling Synchronization issue by using implicitly Wait and Explicit Wait
  • Handling Dropdown (static and dynamic)
  • Handling Keyboard and Mouse Actions
  • Taking Screenshot, Handling Disabled Element, Performing Scroll down
  • Action Web Element Interface Methods, Handling Popups (web-based and Window-based), Shadow DOM, SVG, Web tables
  • Handling Frames and Handling New Windows/New Tabs
  • Custom Automation Framework
  • New Selenium 4.x+
  • Cloud Testing – BrowserStack Demo
  • Install Jenkins
  • Understand the Pipeline and Freestyle Jobs
  • Install Plugins and Creating Freestyle Job
  • Run API Automation via Jenkins
  • Run Selenium Automation via Jenkins
  • Trigger job via Hook
  • Post build Actions, Email Report

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