Test Case Studio Tutorial – Automatically Generate Plain English Testcase

We are going to discuss about the Test Case Studio Tutorial, We will see how easy now to create test case with one simple click with Sanjay creator of Test Studio itself and SelectorsHub

✅ Question 1 : What is Testcase Studio? – 01:11
TestCase Studio is a platform to record the user actions performed on a web application in English Sentences. It will also generate the XPath and Automation Code for every user action. User can save or copy these recorded steps as a Test case.

So basically it automates the test case writing process, now no need to write the test cases manually. It will save a huge amount of time.

✅Question :2. Why You have created this? – 03:16

✅Question :3. There are already lots of Test case creator are there, How it is different? – 07:32

✅Question :4. Why you think people will use it? – 10:38

✅ Question :5. Do you think this will make people stuck to tool more or may be more depend on these tools ? – 13:12

✅ Question :6. What are its limitations? where it will not work – 20:09

✅ Question :7. LIVE Test case creation with Test Case Studio – 21:00

✅ How to use TestCase Studio:

To record the test case, click on SelectorsHub icon on the tool bar.
Click on TestCase Studio icon.
Now keep performing your steps, it will automatically record all the user actions.
You can save the recorded steps by clicking on save button.

✅ Features:
It generates the English Test Cases (manual test case) automatically.
It generates the xpath for each step.
It also records the data for each step.
It generates the xpath code as per your framework.
User can add new step just by clicking on + icon present in each row.
User can delete the unwanted step just by clicking on delete icon present in each row.
User can pause the recording and resume whenever it is required.
User can delete all the steps in single shot just by clicking on delete all button present in header.
Attribute filter option is there to generate the xpath with desired attribute.
All the recorded steps can be saved in excel file along with XPath/Command and data.
By default it will save the filename as websiteDomain+TimeStamp.
User can edit the test case name before saving it.

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