30 Days of API Testing – What is API Testing – Day 1

We are going to learn about the What is API Testing and Why do we required API Testing.

In this series of 30 Days of API Testing – Introduction, We are going to start a 30 api testing challenge with Day 1.

In this 30 Days of API Testing,
You are going to learn the about the concepts of API, API testing, web services and HTTP Methods basics which are helpful in API testing interview questions.

You will learn about everything API Testing Using Postman, SOAPUI, PAW and many more API Testing Tools in these 30 Days.

These challenges are a great way to learn on your own, as a team effort or join in with the wonderful Ministry of Testing community online.

Below is a list of 30 challenges and a bonus challenge, one for each day of the month. Download the PDF below. Save it somewhere. Print it out. Stick it on your wall. Let’s do this!

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