45+ Must Have Chrome extension for Testers (Updated 2022)

Chrome Extensions for the Testers : In this video, we will discuss some of the Chrome extension for Web Testers or QA Engineers. We have added more than 44 Chrome Chrome extension for Testers list below

WebUI Testing:
1. WhatFont
2. ColorZilla
3. Spell Checker
4. IE Tab
5. Session Manager
6. Check My Links
7. Site Spider
8. Web Developer Form Filler

Test Evidence:
9. LightShot
10. Awesome Screenshot
11. Screencastify

Cookie testing
12. Edit this Cookie
13. Cookie Editor
14. Clear Cache
15. Cache Killer

Different Screen Size:
16. Screen Ruler
17. Perfect Pixel
18. Resolution Test
19. Window Resizer

Exploratory Testing:
20. Exploratory testing chrome extension
21. Form Filler
22. Qmetry Exploratory Testing

API Testing:
23. Postman
24. Advanced RESTClient
25. Resteasy
26. JSONView

Security and Penetration Testing:
27. XSS Rays
28. Request Maker
29. d3Coder

Accessibility Testing:
30. WAVE Evaluation Tool
31. Accessibility developer tool
32. aXe
33. ARIA Validator
34. Total Validator
35. PACT Engine
36. Spectrum
37. Tennon Check
38. Siteimprove Accessibility Checker

Performance Testing:
39. Performance Analyser
40. BlazeMeter.

41. LightShot
42. BuiltWith Profiler
43. React Dev Tools


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