Best Practices in Test Automation Code

In this video, we are going to go through the some of the test Automation Best Practices that will help you to become a better Software Tester.

People were asking me about the Best practices for Automation, here is the video about it, explaining naming convention, what all points to take care while doing automation Testing.

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  1. – Use Extensive logging- everything which is part of source code should be analyzed from logs without looking at the source code
  2. – Generate and save failure proofs outside the src code- videos/data/screenshots/logs
  3. – Focus on making your code scalable and faster without compromising the code quality
  4. – Your code should be platform and system independent
  5. – Use as many assertions as possible focus on automated testing rather than automation
  6. – Leave no hardcoded data in source code
  7. – Always think for the future, separate out tech dependencies so that migration to new tech is easy in case it is needed
  8. – Keep your tests independent for better results in multithreading unless they are related (example publisher subscriber related tests)
  9. – Use Proper Documentation
  10. – Create code which is can be easily read and modified by others

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API stands for Application Programming Interface.
API is a defined set of rules, which contains clearly defined methods of communication. API helps different software components to interact with each other.

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