JSON Schema Validation in Postman

We are covering JSON Schema validation in POSTMAN, It is very important that you add JSON Schema validation in your API Test of POSTMAN

πŸš€ What is JSON Schema – 00:00
πŸš€ Basic JSON Schema example – 1:00
πŸš€ JSON Schema Validation Data Types – 02:50
πŸš€ JSON schema validation in postman – 4:15
πŸš€ Overview of https://www.jsonschemavalidator.net/ – 07:37
πŸš€ Create your Own JSON Schema – 07:15
πŸš€ JSON Schema Additional properties, max min array – 12:00
πŸš€ JSON Schema Draft 07 – 13:00
πŸš€ JSON Schema Tiny validator – 15:00
πŸš€ JSON Schema AJV Demo – 20:21
πŸš€ CI/CD API Testing (SDET Blueprint ) 23:00

πŸ”₯ Website used – https://staging.engineer.ai
πŸ”₯ Download Notes https://sdet.live/notes

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