Karate API Testing Tutorial – Learn API Testing Even as Complete beginner

In this video of Karate API Testing Tutorial, We are going to start our journey to learn API Testing with Karate even as a Complete Beginner.

Karate is an open-source API test automation tool. API tests are written using Behaviour Driven Development (BDD) Gherkin syntax

✅ We will learn difference between Karate vs Rest-assured.

✅ What is Karate Framework?

In this Karate Framework Tutorial, We are going to create the Own Karate API Testing Automation Framework, We will use the Person APIs(with JSON Server).

After that We will automate APIs of GitHub Repo V3.

There are multiple Karate API testing examples we are going to show you in this series.

✅ Why we Need Karate API Testing?

– Open source
– API Testing, Mocking,
– Performance Testing,
– UI Automation, Reporting
– Parallel Execution
– BDD Style, Native JSON/XML support.
– Readable syntax.
– Mix API and UI test-automation

✅ What is Karate Test Framework?

– Karate is BDD testing framework
– Developer by Peter Thomas in 2017 (intuit).
– Cucumber style of writing the program which follows the BDD approach.
– Easy to understand by non-programmers
– Only API testing tool that can Mock, Do performance testing, Mix UI
– Automation Testing.
– Written in Java.
– Reuse features, Embed JS engine., Multi Thread parallel Execution.

✅ What You should Know before Learning Karate API?

HTTP Protocols
Java Knowledge, (Basics of Javascript also)
Gherkin Syntax

✅ First GET Call with Karate.

– Install JDK 8(Java in path) – https://sdet.live/jdk18
– Install Maven – https://sdet.live/maven
– Sad no Intelli-sense
– Install Visual Studio Code.
— Extensions
Karate Runner

Sadly, We don’t have karate framework setup intellij, but you can visual studio for that which is recommended.

✅ Download Source Code – https://apitesting.co/2cKG
✅ Download Notes(PPT) – https://sdet.live/karate-ppt
✅ Official Website for Learning Karate API Framework – https://github.com/intuit/karate

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