Getting started Automation with Katalon Studio

About Katalon Studio

Katalon studio is one of the amazing automation tools in the market as of 2018. There are various reason why we chose this tool. Most importantly it’s free, a complete tool which can be used to automate web application, Mobile App Testing, and API Testing. Therefore the Swiss army knife automation tool. In addition after Selenium, this is like the second choice of the Automation Testers.

Installing Katalon Studio

Katalon studio is based on the Eclipse development environment. It allows us to record and play actions of the web application(on the browser), Scripting or use of programming language and much more but we are only going it to use to automate the Twitter Night mode on/off Verification Testing.

Download Katalon Studio 

To install the Katalon studio navigate to the Katalon studio site” and download and install it step by step.

katalon studio
katalon studio

You need to create before starting to download the Katalon Studio. After that, you can download and install it step by step. 

Katalon Studio Download selection

Create Your First Record and Play Test.

Let’s automate the twitter login and after that night mode on and off functionality.

Steps included
1. Open the Brower with URL  –
2. Login to with username and password.
3. Click on the profile icon and switch on the “Night mode” and switch it off/.
4. Logout and close the browser.

Step 1- 

Let’s fire up the Katlon studio and click on Upper menu File ->  New -> Project. 

katalon studio


Enter the name of the project, After creation, you will see the lots of folder in the left menu these are prebuilt folders made by katalon to work with.
katalon studio

After we need to right-click and create one test case by clicking the option below.

Katalon Studio

Step 2

Click on and enter the name of the project.
Let’s start recording by clicking the “red earth icon”  and enter the URL “” click on the Chrome icon after that.

Now enter the username and password of the twitter and click on the login. You will log in into the twitter by notice the side menu of the recording it starts recording every action that you have done and noting it down in the form of steps. e.g open browser with url and many more.

After that, We perform an operation like switch on the Night mode and Off by clicking on the Profile pic icon

Step 3

After that, click on the switch on the button the twitter turns into the dark mode and we now do the same to by click on profile icon and switch it off button click and Logout from Twitter. Notice that every action is getting recorded the recorder.

Similarly, we do the same to switch off

Now close the browser, However, on closing the browser notices that recorder suggest saving the all the captured objects to the “Object Repository” folder of the prebuilt by Katalon Studio. Click ok to proceed.

Step 4

Now we have “Testcase” created in the form of steps we can run it using the upper Green icon” and selecting Chrome or Firefox.

katalon studio




In other words or In conclusion, See how easy it is to create an Automation Testcase for a Twitter Night mode verification with no Coding and Simple way.

What cannot be recorded?
Though recording your tests saves time, we cannot validate few scenarios such as Web Table handling, switching to multiple frames, switching to windows, handling captcha, image recognition, video playbacks, and many more things. In addition above limitation still its a great tool.

Download the Source Code Below : –
[sociallocker]Unzip and open it in the Katalon studio [/sociallocker]

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