API Testing using POSTMAN : Conditional Workflows

What is Workflow in Post man  –

Its a  sequence of the request – If this happens then this happens else this happen is workflow.

How To Use  – 

  1. Specify the name of the subsequent request.
    postman.setNextRequest(“Request Name”);
  2. To terminates execution.

Some Points – 

  • setNextRequest() is always executed at the end of the current script.
    This means that if you put setNextRequest() before other code blocks, these blocks will still be executed.
  • setNextRequest() has a scope, which is the source of your collection run. This means that if you run a collection, you can jump to any request in the collection (even requests inside folders, using the same syntax). However, if you run a folder, the scope of setNextRequest() is limited to that folder. This means that you can jump to any request within this folder, but not ones that are outside of the folder.

This video explain more with Examples


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