Software Testing Fundamentals : Testing a Input Text Field

Reading Time: 1 minute How to Test a Input text Field ? Get the Idea the type of the Input Text Field. – Name – Address – Email etc. Major Things to Check Alphabets Check or Special Char.(#, /, -) Numbers Check for Limits. Mandatory fields. Use Tools Blind text generator Big-list-of-naughty-strings – http://bit.ly/randomstrings

API Testing using POSTMAN – Newman Basics

Reading Time: 1 minute Newman – In simple words – Run postman collection commandline and exports results in different formats(html,json,xml etc) and number of times. It’s created to keep CI in mind( Continous integration). Build on node js. Make sure(Node is installed). Available for the Linux, windows and Mac In this tutorial, we are building API test suite in …

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