Integrating Test Automation Dashboard to Selenium Test cases


Reading Time: 1 minute During the time of Selenium Automation Test cases, we require Some sort of Automation Dashboard to give the gist what is going on to the Stakeholders or in our team. is an awesome open source tool that provides the same. Let’s integrate into our Selenium Test cases. Thanks for watching ! 🙂 If you enjoyed it, …

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Understanding Agile Testing


Reading Time: 1 minute In this tutorial, We are going to cover what is Agile ? and What are its 12 Principles, Explaining agile to the newbies, AGILE Consist of the four major rules : – – Individuals and interactions over processes and tools: – Customer collaboration over contract negotiation – Responding to change over following a plan – …

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Integration of Protractor Beautiful Test Reports

Reading Time: 2 minutes Test Reporting in the Software testing is an essential part.  Finding a good reporting is an always very tedious task. In this tutorial, We will learn how we can integrate the ‘Protractor Beautiful Reporter’ – Why we choose this. Normal Jasmine reporter is very simple and not much screenshot friendly. This plugin has following features which …

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