Efficient TestCase for QA With Testing Template

Why need Testcases ?

Test case is a set of conditions under which a tester will determine whether an application or software system or one of its features is working as expected.’

Let’s discuss About the – TestCases

If the test cases are ready, they are really helpful to measure weather client expectations were fulfilled or not.

Website – https://tpromode.github.io/qa/
Temaplet at : https://goo.gl/SRSjFy

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Auto Scale Selenium Hub with Zalenium

Selenium-Hub Autoscale Issue —

  • – Selenium Grid is resource consuming & Not container based.
  • – Running multiple test creates issue with scaling or increased Test Cases.
  • – Can’t auto scale.
  • – Scaling with docker alone with cloud testing provider.

Zalenium : –
A flexible and scalable container based Selenium Grid with video recording, live preview, basic auth & dashboard.

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Software Testing Fundamentals- How to be Effective Tester

The YouTube ID of Insert video URL or ID here is invalid. Dedication, hard work, etc. are a necessity to any job are always import but there are not Effective Qualities of tester.
– To standout we must have certain different Effective Qualities. That I am going to discuss.

  • Don’t restrict your thinking when testing.
  • Imagine right now and 2 years from now for cases.
  • Ask questions What if? What else?.
  • Don’t Assume anything.

Logic will get you from A to Z;
Imagination will get you Everywhere.
– Einstein

  • Question anything and everything that is unclear.
  • Always wonder. e.g drag and drop on input field, twice submit etc.
  • It can be nurtured and developed through practice.
  • Don’t Assume anything.
  • Catch/notice even the minutest of the details quickly.
  • Try to look deeper and longer.
  • It can be nurtured and developed through practice.
  • Ask more and get the clarity.
  • Think through the possibilities.
  • Reason your steps. Validate
  • Ask questions What if? What else?.
  • Logical thinking ability is mandatory.

Discipline is doing what needs to be DONE, even if you don’t want to DO IT.

Full Slides Here — https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1rb05cGFg8Cq311Nh9vvnEDXermQ2WCKR1RkZdvtxS_Y/edit?usp=sharing